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We took care of everything. No hassle with extra development or integrations. Just a simple sign-up.

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Easily link your multiple accounts. Be sure you always have accurate and fresh payments data in your Unlevel account.

Learn your aggregated key revenue metrics and how those change over time in beautiful charts and widgets. 

Your instant weekly reports are at your fingerprints with just one click. View useful breakdowns: new vs repeat revenue, by currency, by location and more. 

Learn your per-unit economy: ARPU, Average Order Value, Orders per Customer, average and individual Customer Value. 

View a list of all customer card 

payments enriched with detailed customer profile. Filter your payments by value, date, gateway account. Easily look up a specific charge or a customer.

Set customizable alerts to be aware of the most important payments events and issues.

Immediately learn when payment is declined and why. Be notified of suspicious charges with potential fraud risks.

Get payments analysis and insights to learn whether you need to improve your payments processing. 

View approval rate, payment declines reasons, various data splits for declined payments, refunds stats and more.




Do I need a credit card to start using Unlevel?

What type of businesses can use Unlevel?

What types of payments are processed by Unlevel?

Any e-commerce business that accepts card payments will benefit from using Unlevel. We don't support Subscription businesses so far.

Can I connect more than one merchant account from the same payment gateway?

How long does it take to start using Unlevel?

We plan to add new payment gateways in future updates. Meanwhile, feel free to tell us what gateway you are currently using.

It's super easy and takes just a couple of steps. First, sign-up for our Beta program to have your forever free account. Then, link any of your Authorize merchant accounts in Unlevel profile. You are done! You may also view a Demo to see how Unlevel works. 


How do I connect my payment gateway account?

Yes you can. You may connect any number of your merchant accounts. Switch between accounts in one click to see each one's data separately or choose All to view a aggregated data.

It's easy, though vary from payment gateway to payment gateway. Usually, you should enter your gateway account API credentials on the dedicated page in your Unlevel account. Anyway, we will lead you through all the steps according to the gateway you choose.

To build analytics of your key business metrics we use raw card payments data. We do not track any other payment method so far.

How many payment gateways can I connect?

I want to use Unlevel, but my payment gateway is not on a list. Could you help me?

Today you may connect Authorize account only. Soon you will be able to add more than one and see all data aggregated.

No, you don't. You may try the demo, sign up and start using Unlevel in just 2 clicks. No obligations. Cancel account anytime.

Any questions left?

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