Turning your declined payments into approved transactions automatically 

SPECIAL rates: $0.75 per decline

No upfront fee

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No contracts or cards required


FREE analysis of card declines statistics


FREE alerts for declined payments

more completed transactions

If a customer leaves your website Unlevel will launch a chain of email reminders from you brand to get him back

How Unlevel works?

Your customers receive a clear explanation right at the checkout. Now they can fix it right away easily

Immediately let your customers know the actual reason for decline

Keeps tracking customers with email reminders

Detects failed payments in real time

Unlevel instantly learns when payment is declined and why

Your customers typically see this

In real time

Your customer support can't help. They don't know the reason

Unlevel works with your helpdesk solution and sends the right message to your customers just in time

Most customers fail again having no clue how to fix this

Consumers stay your happy customers!

Your customer support saves time for issues they can actually resolve

Unlevel shows a clear explanation

You got even more revenue out of your customer funnel

You lose customers and 3-5% revenue to declined payments

Unlevel works with a software you use.

We keep adding new integrations

No integrations. No coding.

...more to come

What Unlevel does?

Who can use Unlevel?

We plan to add new payment gateways in future updates. Meanwhile, feel free to tell us what gateway you are currently using so we will add it to the next batch.

Any online retailer or subscription business will benefit from using Unlevel. It doesn't matter whether you are a small merchant with just a few employees to mid-market retailers processing hundreds of transactions per day.

Why do I need to connect my payment gateway?

How long does it take to start using Unlevel?

Do I need a card to start using Unlevel?

It's super easy and takes a couple of steps. First, sign-up for Unlevel and complete your profile. Then, link your payment gateway account and helpdesk solution. You are pretty much done! If you want Unlevel to send email reminders on you behalf we will explain how to do that in your profile.

Yes, it is safe. We use the most secure technologies to protect your data and a connectivity to your payment platform. Moreover,  your payment gateway/processor doesn’t allow us to take any sensitive PCI DSS data, including your customers’ bank card information. You may rest assured that your most sensitive data (like customer card number, CVV etc) never leaves your processor servers.

How do I connect my payment gateway account?


It's easy, though vary from payment gateway to payment gateway. Usually, you should enter your gateway account API credentials on the dedicated page in your Unlevel account. Anyway, we will lead you through all the steps according to the gateway you choose.

I want to use Unlevel, but my payment gateway is not on a list. Could you help me?

How many payment gateways can I connect?

No, you don't. No contracts. No card required to start your free trial. Cancel your account anytime. Simply sign up and and let Unlevel rescue declined payments for you.

Today you may connect Authorize account only. We are working hard to let you link many more payment gateway soon.

Unlevel is a checkout assistant which helps your customers to complete a transaction when card gets declined. It detects failed payments in real time and instantly gives a cardholder clear recommendation how to fix it.  You don't lose customers and revenue. Your customer support saves time for issues they can actually solve.

Can I connect more than one merchant account from the same payment gateway?

Is my data safe?

Yes, you can. You may connect any number of your merchant accounts.

By connecting your payment gateway account, you let Unlevel  constantly track your payment streams for any kind of error. This allows you to be sure that Unlevel will react immediately and don't miss any decline. Since we can retrieve only reporting data, you may rest assured that the most sensitive payment data stays within the payment gateway servers.

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