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We built Unlevel led by a mission to provide online retailers with a much better way to control customer payments no matter which and how many payment processors they use. 

You know how cumbersome a processor's merchant backend could be and we wanted to change that. We believe that every online business should have an affordable and powerful payment intelligence tool to track, control and analyze payments effortlessly. 

Today we offer our first 20 users a forever free account. 

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We plan to add new payment gateways in future updates. Meanwhile, feel free to tell us what gateway you are currently using.

How many payment gateways can I connect?

How long does it take to start using Unlevel?

Today you may connect Authorize accounts only. Soon you will be able to add more processors and see all data aggregated.

Is it actually Free?

Can I connect more than one merchant account from the same payment gateway?


Yes you can. You may connect any number of your merchant accounts. Switch between accounts in one click to see each one's data separately or choose All to view a aggregated data.

I want to use Unlevel, but my payment gateway is not on a list. Could you help me?

What should I do to get a free account?

Completely. Forever. 

At first, you need to be fast enough to sign-up among the first 20 users. Then create your profile and link your account within the first week. By the way, it takes just a couple of minutes. That's pretty much it, enjoy! We will get in touch once a week or two to get your feedback and learn how can we improve Unlevel.

It's super easy and takes just a couple of steps. First, sign-up for our Beta program to have your forever free account. Then, link any of your Authorize merchant accounts to Unlevel profile. You are done!