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Why Unlevel?

Unlevel is a proactive and automated tool to manage customer declined payments.

We want you to spend down-to-zero time managing failed payments, cut revenue losses caused by those and constantly provide you with an automated advice based on payments history analysis.

It works in three easy steps:

  • create your Unlevel profile
  • link one or more merchant accounts
  • enjoy simple and automated declines management

Today we offer first 20 users a lifetime free account. You will get all the benefits prior than others and help us build a great product. No card or contract required.  Join Beta program today!

Is my data safe?

How many payment gateways can I connect?

How long does it take to start using Unlevel?

Today you may connect Authorize accounts only. Soon you will be able to add more processors and see all data aggregated.

Is it actually Free?

Can I connect more than one merchant account from the same payment gateway?

What Unlevel does?

Yes you can. You may connect any number of your merchant accounts. Switch between accounts in one click to see each one's data separately or choose 'All' to view an aggregated data.


What should I do to get a free account?

Completely free for the beta program participants. Forever.

At first, you need to be fast enough to sign-up among the first 20 users. Then create your profile and link your account within the first week. By the way, it takes just a couple of minutes. That's pretty much it, enjoy! We will get in touch once a week or two to get your feedback and learn how can we improve Unlevel.

It's super easy and takes just a couple of steps. First, sign-up for our Beta program to get your forever free profile. Then, link any number of your Authorize merchant accounts to Unlevel profile. You are done!

We plan to add new payment gateways in future updates. Meanwhile, feel free to tell us what gateway you are currently using.

Unlevel strives to dramatically reduce hassle related to monitoring, controlling and managing declined card payments for any eCommerce. We want you to spend down-to-zero time managing failed payments, cut revenue losses caused by those and provide automated improvements advices based on transactional history analysis.

I want to use Unlevel, but my payment gateway is not on a list. Can you help me?

Yes, it is safe. We use the most secure technologies to protect your data and a connectivity to your payment platform. Moreover, connection to your processor doesn’t allow us to take any sensitive PCI DSS data, including your customers’ credit card information. So, you may rest assured that your most sensitive data (like customer card number, CVV etc) never leaves your processor servers.