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Learn why you lose payments to declined payments

Today small and medium eCommerce lose up to $38 billion annually due to failed payments. With Unlevel we strive to dramatically decrease revenue losses and unintentional customer churn caused by declined card payments.

While we are doing a heavy lifting to launch the Beta version, you have an exciting opportunity to get an early access to analysis of declined payments today. And it's free! 

We offer first 20 users a free analysis of a 1-year long payment history! You will learn more about your customer payments: the most popular reasons for declines, useful break-downs and more.

Join Beta program today! No card or contract required. 

I want to use Unlevel, but my payment gateway is not on a list. Could you help me?

Unlevel helps eCommerce to improve checkout conversion automatically. It detects failed payments in real-time and instantly sends customer a tailored message depending on a reason for a decline. Unlevel will keeps guiding him towards an approved transaction by messaging him according to actions he takes.

Can I connect more than one merchant account from the same payment gateway?

What Unlevel does?

Why do I need to connect my payment gateway?

Who can use Unlevel?

How do I connect my payment gateway account?

Any-size eCommerce will benefit from Unlevel - from small merchants with just a few employees to mid-market eCommerces processing hundreds of transactions per day. We don't support SaaS so far.

Is my data safe?

How long does it take to start using Unlevel?


It's super easy and takes as little as 10 minutes. First, sign-up for Unlevel and set up your profile. Then, link any  number of payment gateway accounts to your Unlevel profile. You are done!

Yes, you can. You may connect any number of your merchant accounts.

Do I need a card to sign up for Unlevel?

It's easy, though vary from payment gateway to payment gateway. Usually, you should enter your gateway account API credentials on the dedicated page in your Unlevel account. Anyway, we will lead you through all the steps according to the gateway you choose.

No, you don't. No obligations. No bank cards required. Cancel your account anytime. Simply sign up and start using recovering declined payments instantly.

We plan to add new payment gateways in future updates. Meanwhile, feel free to tell us what gateway you are currently using so we will add it to the next batch.

How many payment gateways can I connect?

Yes, it is safe. We use the most secure technologies to protect your data and a connectivity to your payment platform. Moreover,  your payment gateway/processor doesn’t allow us to take any sensitive PCI DSS data, including your customers’ bank card information. You may rest assured that your most sensitive data (like customer card number, CVV etc) never leaves your processor servers.

Today you may connect AuthorizeNet account. We are adding Stripe and Braintree very soon.

By connecting your payment gateway account, you let Unlevel  constantly track your payment streams for any kind of error. This allows you to be sure that Unlevel will react immediately and don't miss any decline. Since we can retrieve only reporting data, you may rest assured that the most sensitive payment data stays within the payment gateway servers.