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Smart way to manage declined payments. Proactive. Automated

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We want to free you time letting you do what is more important - growing your business. So we strive to dramatically reduce hassle related to monitoring, controlling and managing declined card payments. 

Unlevel will talk to a customer through an email or messenger instead of you to ensure him that everything is under control and helping him complete the payment. We automatically advise him the ways to do that and you may customize a lot. Unlevel will switch a customer to you only when we don't see a successful payment from a customer and it's better to contact him over the phone.

You don't lose an order, ensure fast reaction and high-level customer experience.

Set flexible notifications to learn about key events fast

Multiple Accounts. One Mission Control

Up to 15% of online card transactions are declined. Good news - it's possible to recoup at least 30% of those. Setup Smart Alerts to receive multi-channel notifications every time something important happens and react fast. Let's say when a customer payment is declined. Tune notifications to get only ones valuable for you. E.g. be notified only when a payment with a value higher than $20 was declined.

View the most important details, like decline reason, immediately in your email and go directly to an aggregated customer payment profile for more details.

You don't need another interface to control your customer payments.

Don't waste your time building key reports and collecting data. Check weekly reports for approved, declined and refunded charges with one click. Easily compare last week to a current one to discover any negative trends.

Your key transactional metrics always ready for you - approval rate, declines volume and value, orders lost because of declined payments, refunds.

Leverage a 1-year payments data history to learn how metrics changed over time in line charts.

Aggregated Customer Profile

Smart Alerts

We use a specific algorithm to match transactions data into one customer profile even when you use several merchant accounts.

You may instantly learn more about every customer - his overall value, average ticket, his billing data, how many refunds or declined payments he faced and much more. Now you always have the right customer data to react in a corresponding way.

View unified customer profile right when you need it

Link any number of accounts to control from one place

Proactive Monitoring

Key Metrics At a Glance

We constantly monitor your payment environment in the background, so you shouldn't spend a minute on that. 

You don't need another dashboard to learn what's up with your customer payments. We immediately let you know when something important is happening.

Unlevel leverages your 1-year-long payments history and constantly analyze a new data to provide you with an improvement advice. We send you a multi-channel notification when we detect any negative trend with all necessary details. Let's say we detected a sudden spike in a volume of declined payments this week. You will get a message from us containing important analysis details: what is the growth rate for declines, top-reasons, location or card type breakdown etc.

Instantly view the most important business metics & reports

Be aware when something outstanding is happening

Add any number of processor/gateway accounts to fuel your unified dashboard with a 1-year-long payments data history. And it's totally safe since we retrieve only reporting and statistical data. The most sensitive details of each transaction, like card numbers, stay within your processor/gateway servers.

Through all your Unlevel profile, you may view either an aggregated data for all accounts or easily switch to leverage data from each one individually.

Searchable Payments List

No matter how many processor/gateway accounts, you have you can view all customer charges in one unified list.

Dramatically cut your time to monitor and control you customer charges. Check transaction status immediately, look up details fast by customer name or email, order id or transaction id, transaction value.

Click a customer name for his Aggregated Profile anytime you need it.

Automated declines management

View all charges in one place. Look up for details faster

Spend down-to-zero time managing failed payments

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