No integrations or coding required. Just an easy setup

SPECIAL rates: $0.75 per decline

No upfront fee

Unlevel helps your customers fix declined payments in real time. Automatically

No contracts or cards required

FREE analysis of card declines statistics

FREE alerts for declined payments

Get early bird benefits today


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Unlevel is already integrated with your gateway.  Simply connect your payment gateway account to your Unlevel profile to let us relentlessly monitor your payment streams for failed payments, saving your time. Moreover, you can connect more than one account from one or multiple payment gateways

Automated customer support assistant

Unlevel immediately detects failed payments knowing the reason for each one. It automatically sends your customers a clear explanation of the error. Your customer support doesn’t need to spend one minute on this

Works regardless of an e-commerce platform

No integrations or coding required. Your Unlevel account will be up and running in a few, well guided steps:

- connect your payment gateway account 

- connect your helpdesk solution or simply add our custom popup script to your payment page

- slightly tune your mailbox settings to let us send branded emails to your customers when their payment gets declined

Assists your customers right at checkout

Unlevel can send notifications to your customers right at checkout - using our custom popup or through your live chat solution - or by emails. You are free to pick the right one for you. We are starting out with Zendesk integration. More to come

Coming soon

White label messaging. Customizable

All communication with your customers happens on behalf of your brand, including emails. The customer experience stays frictionless. We also provide you with beautiful email templates which you can customize

Works with your payment gateway

Analysis of declined payment statistics

In case your online store is built using one of e-commerce platforms like Shopify you can still use Unlevel. Each platform may have specific limitations for the checkout pages, e.g. you may be not allowed to add a custom script to the page with a payment form 

Easily learn how many declined payments you have and how much revenue you've lost,  your approval rate, top reasons for rejected payments and more. Stay on top of most important metrics effortlessly. You have an analysis of a year-long statistics instantly available

Fast setup

Customer support alerts

Set up smart email alerts to receive instant notifications every time something important happens to customer payments. For instance, if a payment gets declined or when you lose sales due to a sudden growth of payment errors. Customise notifications to receive only most  valuable to you, for example when transaction value is more then $30.

Clear explanation of declines for your customers

Coming soon

View all customer charges in one unified list regardless of how many payment gateway accounts you own. Instantly view all declined payments and get clear explanation for each one. Easily send it to a customer right away to make sure they fix it fast and you don't lose sales. Reduce the time you spend controlling you customer charges!